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April 20th, 2024 Meeting
Staggs Community Room - 10:30 am

Dr. Caroline Castillo Crimm

Professor Emeritus in History Dr. Caroline Castillo Crimm is our speaker for this meeting.  After 20 years of award-winning teaching at the college and university levels, Dr. Crimm is a popular and entertaining speaker who has spoken nationally and internationally.  She has been the speaker for historical documentaries shown on PBS and the History Channel as well as being the popular owner/operator of a tour business known as Texas Historic Tours.  The author of numerous books, we are proud to say that she is one of our members!

caroline crimm.JPG

Researching the De Leon Family

An emotional story of the struggle and survival of an Hispanic  family on the Texas frontier in the face of changing governments, land loss, expulsion, and ultimate victory.  This story was published by Dr. Crimm and you will find a copy of her book in our Genealogy Room!  Within this story, is a model of research methodology which can teach us many things about how to find our own family's story.

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