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Lineage Society Workshop
Thursday, June 8th, 2pm to 4 pm
Huntsville Public Library

The annual Lineage Society Workshop will be held in the Staggs Community Room at the Huntsville Public Library.  This year's event will be slightly different than in the past because the emphasis will be on the local societies presenting themselves rather than the Society showing how to research for acceptance in a lineage society.  Each lineage society will give a 10-15 minutes presentation providing information on their mission, their local projects, their requirements, their registry helps and their costs.  Below is a list of the lineage societies invited to the workshop.  Everyone is welcome to attend.


Colonial Dames of the XVII Century

Daughters of the American Colonists

Daughters of the American Revolution

Sons of the American Revolution

Daughters of the Republic of Texas

Sons of the Republic of Texas

United Daughters of the Confederacy

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Come and join us

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