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Cemetery Indexes
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South Walker County

South of State Hwy 30 & 190

Cemeteries Included

Bath, Besser, Black Jack, Boswell, Cagle Ridge, Cotton Family, Driscoll-Sims, East Sandy, Farris, Gourd Creek, Hardy, Heartfield, Hill, Leigh-Lee, Martha's Chapel, Mitchell, Moore's Grove, Murray-Deason, Pine Valley, Shiro-Red Top (Grimes County), St. Joseph-Elmina, Stewart, Taylor-Winters, Waverly, Winters Memoral, Three Graves


North Walker County

North of State Hwy 30 & 190

Cemeteries Included

Billingsley, Calhoun, Chalk, Cincinnatti, Clapp, Clines Prairie, Dodge, Dunlap-Hightower, Ebenezer, Evans Family, Falba, Forest Lawn, Forks of Creek, Foster, Guerrant, Harmony, Hoot, Jenkinson, J. H. Rose, Ranch, Johnson Family, Koehl-Laskie, Liberty, Long, Manning-Brimberry, McAdams, McGuire, McMillian-McCaskill, Muse, Mustang, Newport, Palmer, Perry, Petree, Pine Prairie, Riverside, Roman, Shockley Chapel, Spivey-White, Stanley, Thomas Family


Huntsville City & Prison

Cemeteries Included

CITY: Oakwood, Adickes, Mayes, St. Stephen's Columbarium

PRISON: Captain Joe Byrd, Wynne Farm, Goree Farm


Black Cemeteries

Cemeteries Included

Allen, Broyles Chapel, Cleveland, Cotton Creek, Dean, Dodge, Dunlap, Falba, Foster, Galilee, Gospel Hill, Harmony Grove, Harper, Harris, Haynes-Kittrell, Hightower-Bethel, Holloway, Hopewell, Indigent, Jasper Memorial, Jeffery Hill, Kittrell-Wilson, Longstreet, Martha's Chapel, McCowan, Mt. Olive, Mt. Prairie, Mt. Zion, Northside, Oakwood, Old Colony (Grant's Colony), Pace-Gum Springs-The Brush, Pat Henry, Paul Chapel, Pine Grove, Pine Hill, Randall Quarters, Rawls (Reeves) Forest Lawn, Ross, South End, St. Olive, Unknown Cemetery

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