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Collection Flourishes Thanks to Dickenson

18 August 2012

Tracing the Family Lineage

9 August 2013

Genealogy Weekend: Library, Society Host Program to Help Local Residents Find Out

About Their Past

4 January 2014

Genealogy Dead Ends: Where Do I Go Now?

7 January 2014

Working Your Genealogical Puzzle

10 January 2014

Basic Genealogy Classes at Library

2 February 2014

Black History Month Events at Wynne Home

12 February 2014

Winter Lock-in

13 February 2014

Genealogical Society's Winter Lock-in

19 May 2014

Library Getting Ready for Lineage Society Workshop

20 May 2014

Masonic Lodge Donation

2 June 2014

Annual Lineage Society Workshop Coming in June

4 June 2014

Lineage Society Workshop at the Library

August 2014

Postcards Texas Treasurers: Huntsville Genealogy Collection

1 August 2014

Goforth Memorial Genealogy Weekend

4 September 2014

Basic Genealogy Research Classes Continue

15 January 2015

Watkins to Speak on Black History at Library

20 January 2015

Personalized Genealogy Classes Series

5 February 2015

Afternoon of Genealogical Research at Library

May 2015

Texas Farm and Home Walker County Genealogical Society 50th Anniversary

29 May 2015

New Library Event to Help Track Family Genealogy

15 June 2015

Family Genealogy Fair 50th Anniversary

23 June 2015

Local Group Has Been Exploring Family Trees for 50 Years

28 July 2015

Frances Sprott Goforth Genealogy Weekend

10 September 2015

Genealogical Society Plans Informative Presentations

25 September 2015

Basic Genealogy Society

7 January 2016

Genealogical Society to Meet on January 16

5 August 2016

Genealogical Society Going Back to Basics During Seminar

11 August 2016

WCGS to Hold Reception to Celebrate Homegoings and Celebrations Publication

14 August 2016

Honoring Huntsville History

14 August 2016

Preserving the Past: Through Years of Painstaking Research and Dedication, a Trio of

Huntsville Women Help Solidify African-American History in a New Collection

November 2016

Postcards Community Builders: Huntsville Public Library

25 May 2017

Annual Lineage Society Workshop Coming in June

August 2017

Postcards Update on Huntsville Public Library

20 August 2017

Huntsville Women Remember Fondly the Day Last Year Designated for Them

17 September 2017

Something to Celebrate: The Huntsville Public Library is Throwing a 50 Year Anniversary

Party Next Weekend and Everyone's Invited

17 September 2017

Huntsville Public Library Open House

2 February 2018

Celebrating Freedom Fighters

12 February 2018

An Important History Lesson: Community Activists, College Professor, Artists, Dancers,

Poet and Singer Get Together for Special Black History Month Program at Wynne Home

6 June 2018

Huntsville Public Library Hosting Free Programs, Events Throughout the Summer

14 June 2018

Program to Introduce Youngsters to Genealogy

1 July 2018

6th Annual Frances Sprott Goforth Genealogy Weekend Set

19 July 2018

Tracing Their Roots

23 July 2018

Memorial Genealogy Weekend Information

30 July 2018

6th Annual Memorial Genealogy Weekend to Take Place August 3, 4

1 August 2018

Genealogy Weekend Coming to Library This Weekend

10 September 2018

WCGS Special Interest Group Meetings

9 January 2019

Narrowing Down a DNA Match

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